Episode 78

Brian Michael Frackin’ Bendis … at DC Comics. Wow. What does this mean, how did it happen, what are we in for? Chris, Sam and Marty discuss. Well, Chris tries to hide his disgust. Then […]


Episode 77

We start right off with the Canadian comic that is a darling of social media, not Tommy Gun Banshee, the other one. Alien Toilet Monsters! Marty grabs a magazine that lists the Top 100 Graphic […]


Episode 76

Birthday treats and new comics this week. That’s what Marty drones on and on about but he does plug a pretty cool comic book called Group of 7. It is very serendipitous that the Group of 7 […]


Episode 75

Technical difficulties abound once again and delayed getting this episode out before today. The lads dig deeper into The Dark Knight Returns after last week’s conversation was derailed by the Luanne-train. Between having our minds […]


Episode 74

Our new pal, Shane Heron, braves the face eating hazards of a Greyhound bus journey to chat about his Kickstarter project, Morris. Then Sam manages to regale Shane and Dan with more Luann info than anyone […]


Episode 73

Our first show of the Fall! Boy, are we excited? We chat about FanExpo 2017 and the Peterborough Comic Con. Recollections, experiences, cool comics we picked up … we talk about it all.  And don’t forget […]


Summer Break

Hey guys and gals … Trent Radio is on a bit of a break as the summer winds down and we prep for autumn. So the crew is off and no shows for a few […]


Episode 72

What if!?!? What if Disney closes the Marvel Comics division and licenses out its characters to other companies? What if this destroys monthly, 22 page comics? Are we sticking around? What would such a world […]


Episode 71

Superman is killing it! Generations Hulk is not … this must be why the Canadian comic book industry needs saving, right CBC? Can our hapless heroes make it through some serious technical difficulty this week? […]


Episode 70

The summer session is almost at an end and the lads go through their read piles to discuss what was good and what was terrible … so so terrible. And we are now officially on […]