Episode 33

Episode 33 – Revisited

Seriously … who buys a comic and doesn’t read it? Dan. That’s who. He won’t even read a He-Man comic. It’s a good thing Dan’s recent purchase wasn’t She-Ra instead cause Sam might have had […]

Episode 31

Episode 31 – Revisited

Special Guest Host, Kevin Briones, creator of Neon Black and a good ol’ Peterborough lad pops into the studio to attempt to talk about his comic. Welp, that proved harder than he might have thought. […]

Episode 32

Episode 32 – Revisited

Giant-Sized Man-Flu continues to run rampant thru the hosts. First Martin, now Chris … who is next. Gung Ho and Shipwreck who? Clutch and Rock n Roll totally beat those poser Joes. We are still […]

Episode 30

Episode 30 – Revisited

Dixon’s Books … a Peterborough institution since 1979. Comics shop to many of us through the years. Unfortunately Dixon’s closed recently and the lads reminisce about their fond memories. http://heykidscomics.ca/HeyKidsComicsShow30.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Episode 29

Episode 29 – Revisited

Guest Dan Boudreau guest hosts with Dan Collins and Sam Tweedle as Chris Gilpin and Martin Boruta are Niagara Comic Con bound. Anyone REALLY surprised Sam doesn’t like the Preacher show? Really? Anyone really surprised […]


Episode 158 – BLM

Sometimes … the world has a way of reminding us that not all villains wear purple suits and white clown make-up. Mr. O’Neil and Mr. Adams saw that, so many years ago and we at […]


Episode 157 – Ahhhhh

Poding along from home the crew chats about comics, movies, TV and conventions. The urge to bin dive is huge as cabin fever begins to set in .. in a big way! Join Dan, Chris, […]


Episode 156 – Out-of-Towner

The at-home hijinks continue as the lads chat about impulsive quarantine buying when a blast from the past swings by to chat about our look back at Dixon’s Books closing, not buying comics and the […]


Episode 155 – Homegrown

Ladies, Gentleman and distingushed guests that identify somewhere inbetween … welcome to the first of our Social Distancing episodes! Everyone else is doing it during these wide times so why not this Usual Gang of […]


Episode 154 – Doctor Covid-19

More Doctor Who … as we discuss the very brave and courageous Doctor Who series finale. Is the franchise dead? Can it recover? Does Tony White care? We do throw him a bone and talk […]